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About Voices in Mobilities and Migration

Organised by Dr. Heather Johnson of Queen’s University Belfast and Dr. Corina Lacatus of Queen Mary University of London, Voices in Mobilities and Migration is an international online community for in-depth dialogue and constructive exchange of ideas on research exploring all aspects migration and mobilities. VIMM welcomes scholars, practitioners and activists who work across disciplines of research and practice concerned with migration and mobilities.

The purpose of this online seminar series is to bring together established academics, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students as well as practitioners and activists on a regular basis to discuss each other’s work, disseminate ideas, and engage in meaningful dialogue about research.

All registered participants will be welcome to join the seminars via an online link that will be provided closer to our event.

For further information and resources on the activities of the network, you can follow VIMM on Twitter @VIMM_Network.

We are Back! Welcome to a New Year with so much to come!

We will be hosting the first of our monthly seminars on October 15th, where we will be joined by Dr. Heather Johnson who will be presenting on her work: ‘Resetting Time: Support Horizons in Aslyum,’ which draws on her recent fieldwork across Canada, Spain, Greece and Australia.

Heather is one of our founding organisers. She is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research focuses on irregular migration and aslyum seekers, border security, and the practives of resistance, solidarity, protest of non-citizens. She is particularly interested in exploring new methods for reseach, and particularly about the role of the visual and socic in telling stories.

To join us for the seminar, register here.

We are welcoming new members!  If you would like to join and receive information about our activities and events, please subscribe to our email list by emailing us at h.johnson@qub.ac.uk.

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